Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gerson Therapy-Charlotte Gerson presentation-Totality

This is an excellent presentation done by Charlotte Gerson informing people of the Gerson Therapy. The Gerson Therapy is a lifestyle change which includes diet changes moving to juicing, raw foods, coffee enemas, etc in order to reactivate the body's healing potential. The Gerson Therapy and Max Gerson address something called totality which is far beyond our current health system. Totality is The straight up no BS way for people to overcome diseases. With totality the whole body has to heal to become fully functional again so the body can get back to business with healing accordingly.

No offense to our current medical system BUT you guys are way off the mark and will be for years to come.  Going to medical school does not make you a smart critical thinker.........for the most part doctors are people who could afford school and could remember things..........we do not want walking encyclopedias to solve our health issues. We need people who will question this pathetic system and say WOW! maybe our poor lifestyle are the key factor in the majority of our lifestyle diseases ever so present in today's society. Sorry for my sarcasm but I know first hand as I have overcame a so called incurable disease on my own terms.

The Gerson Therapy for Cancer Explained

This is a short video that talks briefly about Gerson therapy and also the documentary food matters . You can reverse many degenerative diseases! Do not believe all the BS that says that these diseases are incurable. There is indeed hope. 

Dying to Have Known- Gerson Therapy

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This is an awesome documentary that shows how Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy.  The simple truth is that IT WORKS!!!! This protocol has helped so many people cure or may I say overcome Cancer and other degenerative diseases throughout the years.  This protocol uses food to cure cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Anyone who is on this site must be realizing the system is simply failing in their attempt to find a cure.......or are they? Really they don't want cures just residual prescription income. 

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